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Which Social Media Platforms do you currently manage?

We currently offer PRO-PLANs for:

– Facebook

– Instagram

– Linkedin

– Pinterest

– Twitter

What do you recommend to post on our business social media platform?

What we post depends on:

– What social media platform they want us to manage

– Whether they want us to use our own stock images, or your stock photos (most customers prefer their own photo stock)

– If the client wants to do some of their own posting

Can you post with our photo stock?

Yes we can!

We can post social posts with our royalty free professional stock images, or we are happy to use your own stock!

Where do I send our images for the social posts?

After you have registered with us, your Social Media Manager will email you with a Google Drive link where you can upload your stock onto our cloud.

Alternatively if you have stock on Dropbox or similar, simply send us a link to download it and we will take it from there.

What is the most popular type of posts on Social Media?

The top type of social post we do is a BANNER QUOTE – which is a nice image with a relevant quote to that business or the image in the BANNER.

BANNERs can be connected to a link through to your business or elsewhere – the “Link” we refer to as the “call to action” (CTA).

The BANNER is usually a combination of a stock photo (yours or ours) and relevant to either your brand, your brand message or your services/products.

The BANNER is posted with a short explanation and suggesting people click through to the actual website page relevant to the product or service we are talking about to read more (the “CTA”).

We can also do CONVERSATION POSTs but they are only advisable when the social media account has adequate FAN engagement to warrant asking questions requiring answers, otherwise when we post a conversation post, and no one replies, it makes the social media account look unpopular.

What are the other social posts you do?

We can also post:

  • Links to relevant blogs
  • Links to relevant media articles
  • Seasonal relevant posts
  • Competition posts
  • Giveaway posts
  • Links to relevant podcast shows
  • Holiday messages
  • Administration type posts (like new hours of operation)
  • Links to other social media accounts
What are your social posts about?

The written content on social banners and posts can be:

  • Value-adding (ie Helpful information)
  • Funny
  • Pretty
  • Confronting
  • Entertaining
  • Empowering
  • Compassionate
  • Brand ethics focus
  • Simple

It really depends on what you want posted on your social accounts, and this information is procured from the brand survey you complete for us when you register.

Can I do more than one platform with the PRO-PLAN?

Yes, but the pricing increases each platform as follows:

$99pm – One Platform

$199pm – Two Platforms

$299pm – Three Platforms

$399pm – Four Platforms

$499pm – Five Platforms

What exactly does a PRO-PLAN provide me with?

Each PRO-PLAN includes:

  • Quick & easy registration process
  • A (kickstart) Social Media Audit (value $299)
  • A custom Brand Vision Board (value $399)
  • Access to our SOCIAL Training Hub (value $49pm)
  • The first month of posts create and posted (using our content or yours or a combination of both) – called a Posting Schedule Plan
  • Your own Social Media Manager to work with you ongoing
  • A monthly WRAP UP Report on your social platform growth
What are the other features of a PRO-PLAN?

We also provide you with:

  • No lock in contracts
  • No exit fees if you cancel
  • General guidance on issues you encounter with your social media accounts
  • Advice on how to handle a disgruntled user writes untoward comments, complaints or abuse on your social account
  • Free access to ongoing up to date social media trends and strategies
  • Free use of our images, web elements, graphics and more for your custom post content
  • Ensuring your logo is on all your custom post content
What if I don’t have my social media set up yet?

In the case where you either haven’t yet set up any social media account, or you have registered your account, but done nothing with it, we offer a “NEW-PLAN” which is a one-time $199 per platform to set up your social media account for you. This includes custom images and/or videos, your contact details, creating a social ad pixel for your website and more.

Please enquire with your Social Media Manager if you require assistance in setting up or updating your social media platform and we will be happy to assist. If we can show you how to do it yourself, and save you some dollars, we’d be happy to do that!

I have no social media, and I don't have time or interest to start now myself, so if I hire SOCIALforyourbiz can you take care of everything, so I don't have to be involved?

Absolutely, the PRO-PLAN is essentially a “done for you” service, however, we allow business owners to be involved as much as they like, providing it stays within the boundaries of our core PRO-PLAN service.

Social media freaks me out, but I know I need it. Can I call and talk to someone who can explain it simply?

When you join our PRO-PLAN you will be allocated your own personal Social Media Manager, and one of their roles is to help you work through any uncertainties you have in regards to social media.

Before you join us you should have a chat to one of our awesome REPs whose job it is to help new clients come on board! You can contact us via our contact page and we can have a REP contact you directly to answer any queries you have.

Social media freaks me out, but I know I need it. Can I call and talk to someone who can explain it simply?

When you join our PRO-PLAN you will be allocated your own personal Social Media Manager, and one of their roles is to help you work through any uncertainties you have in regards to social media.

Before you join us you should have a chat to one of our awesome REPs whose job it is to help new clients come on board! You can contact us via our contact page and we can have a REP contact you directly to answer any queries you have.

Social ``post`` questions

Should we just post selfies?

Depending on what your business is, selfies may not be very interesting to your audience. We will work with you to ensure your posts ARE what get the most engagement on social media, for your industry.

What if someone leaves us a bad review on social media?

Then you need to discuss that with your Social Media Manager to make sure your response to that is appropriate in the given circumstances.

If someone asks us a question via our social media account, do you answer that or do we?

You should still be the only contact with your customers and clients. If you are registered as the social media platform owner, you WILL get any messages that come through.

How many posts do you post for us every week?

We post approximately five posts per week. Remember the PRO-PLAN for $99 is for one platform only. If you want two or more platforms, the price rises accordingly. See our pricing charge for an exact price on multiple platforms.

What if I have specific promotions or posts I want published?

If you have a special promotion, post or offer in mind then contact your Social Media Manager and they will ensure it is incorporated into your Posting Schedule Plan for the following month, or if it is urgent they will jump straight in and get the post up asap.

What type of posts are you going to post for us?

That is a great question!  The types of posts we will create for your social account depend on what platform you are on. For example, Twitter prefers short sentences, and Instagram has to be a banner or image of some kind, and Facebook can do them all.

When you register with us we will be sending you’re a short questionnaire to complete, and this is where you can be specific about what type of posts you want.

Do I need to provide you with the content to post?

No, that is optional. You do not have to provide us with any content. However, if you have content, we are more than happy to use it! Your Social Media Manager works hard to ensure the posting schedule is beautifully branded to suit your business and brand message. We use expert tools to create your ideal social media graphic banners to engage your audience in a meaningful way.

After I join the PRO-PLAN, how long do you post for $99?

Our signature PRO-PLAN is a month to month program. Your $99pm plan fee covers 30 days of posting – that is five posts per week for four weeks (paid in advance).

About 14 days prior to the following month, your Social Media Manager will email you the following month’s Posting Schedule Plan (in an excel sheet) for you to review. Unless we hear from you to change something, the next month’s PSP will be scheduled to roll out 7 days prior to the start date.

Do you reply to customer/clients comments or do we?

You should be in total contact with your buyers as our Social Media Managers will not know the ins and outs of your business and services. If we can see something out of the ordinary we will try to draw your attention to it to make sure you didn’t miss it.

Can I edit posts myself, or do I have to get my Social Media Manager to edits posts?

Either, we can help you, or you can simply log into your social account and edit your posts as much as you like yourself.

What if the posts have already been scheduled and I still have some changes?

That is no problem at all, just let your Social Media Manager know what exactly you want changed, and they will be able to assist you.

Do you run PAID ads?

Although the PRO-PLAN does not offer any paid advertising on your behalf, we do provide you with unlimited free access to our SOCIAL Training HUB, a private high level training area on all aspects of ALL social media platforms including training on how to run sponsored posts and paid ads.

Can you give me suggestions on what sort of posts I could do as well?

Yes definitely. You will enjoy free access to our SOCIAL TRAINING HUB which is a private membership area with oodles of free training to help small business owners with information like:

  • How and when to post
  • What types of content to post
  • How to run social media ads
I'm a gas fitter - why on earth would I need social media for my business?

If you have any doubt that your buyers will not be interested in your social media pages, then go into the social platforms and search your competitors. You’d be surprised how big some of the pages are.

Some of the most interesting and popular social media accounts are for mundane business types. Every business has it’s Fans, its about tapping into those potential Fan bases and growing them organically over time. Yes, it may start with your family, but at some point, your Fans will become your buyers too.

There are many reasons why someone will want to “check out” your social media pages before paying you any money. People want to research:

  • Reviews
  • Your brand ethics
  • How long you’ve been around
  • If you seem likable
  • What type of customer/client normally hires you
  • Do they feel you are the right type of business for them to work with…

And more.

I want to increase my social media presence, but what if it makes me too busy and I can't handle all the new work that comes my way?

There are a few things you can do in this situation, you can:

  • Book customers further out
  • Hire someone to work with you
  • Sell the leads to a friendly competitor until you catch up
  • Raise your prices
  • Slow down your marketing

Most business owners would see “too much work” as a good thing! But we understand more enquiries or work can throw a spanner in the works, you will know if the workload is getting out of hand, and therefore think about the above suggestions in you need to address it in the future!

I'm a bit freaked out about giving you access to my social media account. How safe is it?

This is a great question, we would want you to be careful about who you hand out your social media details to as well!  We are a local Australian owned business based in Melbourne. Our REPs have a mobile number you can call anytime to discuss anything with, and our agency owners have been in this marketing business for nearly ten years with NO negative comments, reviews or feedback online anywhere. So you can rest assured you are dealing with real people, with real experience and a genuine respectful business reputation.

How do you know what to post exactly?

To be honest we don’t know “exactly” what will work until we try some different strategies out. Although we have a fair idea because our staff have been posting on social media for many years, it will always be a case by case situation.

If I choose more than one social media platform, will the posts be the same on Facebook and Instagram (for example) or will they be totally different?

Generally your FANS on your social media accounts will only follow you on one platform, therefore, keeping your offers, quotes, product information etc, consistent across all platforms is highly recommended. You should discuss this with your Social Media Manger if you choose this option.

So if I choose Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, that's 15 posts total (per month) right?

Yes correct. Each platform, although they may have similar content, they are all different in some way. Size of images, length of text we put with the image, location of your logo etc, all these factors can slightly change from platform to platform.

Isn't social media just for food pics?

Perhaps if you are in a food industry like a restaurant or a food manufacturer, but other than that, most food images won’t make much sense to your Fans.

If you are influencer, and you take food selfies as a paid promotion, then that’s a whole different conversation!

Won't all posts with different businesses look the same?

There are a few points to consider in this regard:

1/ Most customers/clients won’t look at competitors, they will just see your feed;

2/ Social media feeds go down VERY FAST, so the banner is here today, and gone by next week unless someone scrolls through past posts.

Rarely will an image or quote be the same for similar businesses, but we can’t guarantee it because we don’t know what other people in your industry post. We imagine from time to time it will be similar. If you are using your OWN products and images, then a copy post won’t be possible.

Ultimately all posts come with your logo on it, and we can add other custom graphics to banners to keep the brand consistent with yours brand and differentiate it to theirs.

For $99pm you are getting amazing value and duplicate posts should not be your concern. Custom post consistency will trump similar posts.

Is there a better time of day to post?

Usually there is, and although we could probably take a good guess, we’d prefer to run our (kickstart) Social Media Audit when we take over your account, and then by monitoring the results over the first 3 months we will have a clear indication of the best times and days to post your content.

How many other businesses like ours are you looking after?

We have only recently launched this new service and as a result we don’t have many of your competitors. As we have multiple REPs selling at one time, plus we sell online direct to businesses, it is hard to answer this question here, however, when you speak with your REP you can ask if there are any of your competitors currently signed up with us. Although they can’t say exactly as they may not be aware of other competitors signed up with us, they can tell you what they do know.

I only have personal social media accounts. Can you set one up for me for my business?

Yes, we have a “NEW-PLAN” service which is a one-time $199 to set up your new social media account for you properly.

It includes setting up the social page, with the correct information, contacts, about, contact info, branding etc. This is perfect for a business who hasn’t yet set up their social media account they want us to manage, or they have set it up but only with basic (outdated) information.

What if I still want to post pics on my social media account?

Then you should!

In fact we encourage it, don’t worry about what we are posting, you should always post as much unique content on your social media accounts as possible. Just do your posts as you normally would, and that won’t affect what we have scheduled to post.

After I start your PRO-PLAN how long until my posts start to appear?

Here at SOCIALforyourbiz we have an excellent pre-start preparation process to complete, to ensure your posts are exactly what your business needs and wants.

So the first 30 days involve us defining your business brand, your post expectations and desires, and ensuring you are happy with what we can offer your business.

Initially we organise access to your nominated social account, run a social media audit on your account, discuss branding options with you and create a beautiful custom Brand Vision Board, then we create your first Posting Schedule Plan for you to check (and then we can post it).

Account & Billing FAQ's

What is the cost for multiple PRO-PLANS?

How many social media platform/s do you want SOCIALforyourbiz to take care of for you?

$99pm – One Platform

$199pm – Two Platforms

$299pm – Three Platforms

$399pm – Four Platforms

$499pm – Five Platforms

It does not matter which social media platform you select, the pricing above applies.

Can I pay annually?

Currently no. We may bring this option in soon if enough businesses request it.

What if I want to pause my account for 3 months?

Please contact your Social Media Manager if you wish to cancel or pause your subscription, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Are there any exit fees or cancellation fees?

No there is not. We are a simple month to month program and you can cancel any time without any penalty or fees.

What if I want to rejoin?

We’d love to have you back, you simply go back through the sign up registration form and restart a fresh account. There may be a one-time set up fee charged. Please enquire with us at that time.

I have a friend who would love something like this - do you have a referral program?

We do offer incentives to our existing clients to refer a new client to us, simply contact your REP who helped you get registered and they can discuss a thank you gift at that time.

What if I want to discontinue the Pro-Plan?

In the unlikely situation you will want to cancel, you simply message your Social Media Manager to close your account, alternatively you can log in our system and cancel your subscription yourself.

Can I subscribe online instead of through a local REP?

Yes you can, but remember online subscriptions come with a mandatory one-time $299 set up fee (non-refundable) in addition to the $99pm fee.

After I pay my first $99 payment, when will the next $99 payment come out?

The $99pm fee is deducted every 30 days from when you first register. If at any time this subscription is cancelled or unpaid, the account will not be actioned in any way until the account is paid up to date.

Wait... I still have questions!

We can help! Please send us an email to and we will be happy to assist you!